We manufacture HF, UHF and BL antennas in continuous Roll-to-Roll format (R2R). This principle is a key factor in mass produced component assembly in R2R format.

Our standard metallic layer in antennas is copper but also direct printing can be used with conductive pastes like silver to produce antennas. Scale of the form factor can vary from a few millimeters to large area radiator panels.

Key features are

  • Web width from 250 mm to 550 mm
  • Minimum line/space 50/50 µm depending from the design and materials
  • Copper layer thickness from 9µm to 18µm as standard
  • Various substrates can be used (e.g. paper, PET, PEN, PI, PC)
  • Very thin substrates can be used, down to 12µm
  • Minimum slitting width 8 mm
  • Electrical inline testing and reporting available as option