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Elcoflex produces quality. This means reliable, cost-effective and timely fulfilment of the customer’s needs. Extensive use of ERP system ensures achievement of quality policy objectives. Elcoflex is committed to continuous improvement in all processes, ethical principles and current regulations.


We manufacture HF, UHF and BL antennas in continuous Roll-to-Roll format (R2R). This principle is a key factor in mass produced component assembly in R2R format.

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Smart Labels

Wide utilisation of Smart Labels and other IoT devices depends on low cost, abundant power sources. Printed battery integrated with chip and antenna is the basic building block in realising low cost disposable IoT devices.

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User Interfaces

Elcoflex is a specialised manufacturer of industrial display and keyboard modules. The main technology in our production is anisotropic bonding of flexible circuits.

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Flexible Circuits

Due the miniaturisation trend in electronics, flexible circuits are gaining ground from rigid PCBs. Polyimide, PET, LCP or PEN based flexible circuits are manufactured in roll-to-roll format.

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LED Substrates

LED Substrates are specialised flexible circuits with high current carrying capability. Optical mask layers can be added using printing or photolithographic method (LPI).

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Printed Sensors

Using conductive polymer materials, various sensor elements can be made by using R2R thick film processing. Capacitive, inductive and resistive sensors are the key components in low cost sensor applications.

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